FlexKrete Repairs Concrete


FlexKrete is the answer for all concrete repairs.

  • FlexKrete is a two-part advanced, thermoset vinyl polymer.
  • Non-toxic, 99% solid by weight, low odor, impervious to salt attack, waterproof and has a 30% elongation. The material attains a compressive strength 3 to 4 times that of concrete, can be feathered-edged and used at any depth, does not require saw cutting.
  • It can also be used on verticals or overheads without structural support and can be opened to foot and vehicle traffic in ONE HOUR OR LESS.
  • FlexKrete Technologies has developed a special primer FlexPrime to allow installations over damp concrete and rust and for cold rooms and outdoor colder temperatures down to 0°F (-17.7°C).
  • FlexKrete can be cured in one hour by adding FlexTemp. Easily and quickly repair trip hazards, stairways, curbs, potholes, floors, broken joints, sidewalks, parking areas, walls, overheads, equipment bases and many, many more structures.
  • FlexKrete can also be used as a broadcast system with granite quartz to beautify swimming pool decks, walkways, stairways, driveways and entrances to buildings.

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FX 102 Flexkrete Concrete Repair with CatalystFX-102 FlexKrete Concrete Repair w/Catalyst

Base FlexKrete kit with catalyst

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FX 104 Flex Sealer 1000FX-104 FlexSealer 1000

Clear sealer for stamped concrete, broadcast, masonry, stone, wood, fiberglass, steel and many other surfaces


FX 105 FlexPrime Part A & BFX-105 FlexPrime (Part A & B) 2 Gallon Kit

Blocks moisture, penetrates substrate, seals rust, works on green concrete

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FX 106 Flex TempFX-106 FlexTemp Cold Cure

Speeds curing of catalyzed FlexKrete

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FX 125 No SagFX-125 Cabsoil No-Sag 2.5 lbs

No-Sag #2 is a dry powder that is designed to thicken FlexKrete (or other epoxies), making it possible to apply onto vertical surfaces

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TL 146 jiffymixerTL-146 Large Paddle Mixer (5 gal) 8 ½ x 4”

Made of 304 polished stainless steel, this paddle mixer is designed for medium to heavy jobs in 2-5 gal. (8-20 qt.) containers. It easily fits any 3/8″ electric chucked power tool.
Other sizes available

FX 101FX-101 Silica Sand 50lb bag (4 bags of sand required per 5 gallon pail)

Aggregate for use with FlexKrete system

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QZ 28 21QZ-28-21 Granite Quartz 50 pound Bag

Use as an aggregate if you want your surface to have a more decorative look. Available in a variety of colors.

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